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Chun – Furthering Through Perserverance Commentary 

Chun – Furthering Through Perserverance

Chun – Part IV of IV

DIFFICULTY AT THE BEGINNING works supreme success,

          It furthers one to appoint helpers.

     Nothing should be undertaken.

         Furthering through perseverance.


Furthering Through Perseverance

It can be said that nothing worth doing is easy. The corollary is that if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. The one quality that stands out for every successful entrepreneur is perseverance in the face of obstacles. While continuing to hit your head against the wall will not break it down, the person who quits is guaranteed to fail while the one who perseveres may yet be successful.

As Seth Godin points out in his seminal business writing, the trick is to fail without being put out of the game. As E-Health Records International and HarmoniMD have matured, the company has experienced setbacks but has pushed through them while learning and growing. As an example, the company hired in-country representatives in Haiti and the Philippines but found that this was not useful. Early attempts to integrate with open source ERP software also proved unworkable and had to be dropped.

In the startup environment, nothing replaces the need for experienced leadership and the importance of pushing through obstacles. With perseverance, the impossible becomes feasible while miracles just take a little longer.

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