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Chun – It Furthers One to Appoint Helpers Commentary 

Chun – It Furthers One to Appoint Helpers

Chun – Part II of IV

DIFFICULTY AT THE BEGINNING works supreme success,

            It furthers one to appoint helpers.

            Nothing should be undertaken.

               Furthering through perseverance.

It Furthers One to Appoint Helpers

In designing HarmoniMD EHR software, it became clear that incorporating the requirements of mobile and desktop applications would take a special team of developers with a background in user interface design as well as mobile platform development. E-Health Records International (EHRI) was able to recruit Kiko Taganashi, whose background in design would become a critical element in building an intuitive mobile interface.

Fortune also brought Rob Miller to the team. Rob had worked with Dan for 8 years in The Master Builder and had recently returned from South Africa, his birthplace. Rob called one day out of the blue after years of no contact and said he was back in California and Dan said, ‘Good, show up for work tomorrow’,  which he did. Rob took over as QA manager, a critical position in the development of complex mission- critical software.

As the team has grown, each new hire has taken on a critical role with the same passion that the founders continue to exude. Dan passed the CEO role to Nick Smith; Debbie Espinosa, the former COO for The Master Builder, assumed this same role for EHRI, and Ann Dannelly took over training and implementations for the company. The team has further filled out with expert staffing in the areas of electronic clinical document design, reports design and international sales.


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