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Chun – Nothing Should be Undertaken Commentary 

Chun – Nothing Should be Undertaken

Chun – Part III of IV

DIFFICULTY AT THE BEGINNING works supreme success,

          It furthers one to appoint helpers.

     Nothing should be undertaken.

         Furthering through perseverance.


Nothing Should be Undertaken

Launching too soon has often meant death for tech startups. While there is always considerable pressure to get to market and begin developing revenue, the complexities of a mission-critical application, such as HarmoniMD, in the healthcare space would require considerable testing and refinement both in-house and in the real world.

But the opportunity to learn from early implementations is always an important part of system development and this became a reality; literally next door to E-Health Records International (EHRI), Sonoma West Medical Center was going to reopen its doors after having closed a year earlier, primarily as a result of a failed EHR implementation. While it would be a challenge to rapidly implement in this new hospital operation, the EHRI team decided they were ready and could provide a major benefit to the new hospital.

Implementations of HarmoniMD in Tanzania and Kenya followed the successful launch at Sonoma West Medical Center, each of which has served to validate the design direction of HarmoniMD and help refine product design.

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